I Am The Elephant In The Room

No radical feminists, outrage at not being supplied your free abortions, or hand-wringing about the “patriarchy” on this feed. Even if I know you from elsewhere.

What does that leave? Well, I hope you like making fun of feminists and liberals, Brooklyn 99, Game Of Thrones, and old skool ER couples.

Tumblr is just not my place. I’m not sure why I still bother.

Aside: I’ve stopped the #dailydougandcarolpost until I feel compelled to start it up again. I don’t keep track of the actors/actresses because I hate The Good Wife and everything it stands for, I can’t stand Clooney’s politics, and neither of them have made anything I’ve liked watching since about 2001. I don’t keep track of ER because I can’t stand anything that has anything to do with Luka or the vast majority of the sixth season. Younger fans love the birth episode, but for shippers who lived through it it was unbelievably cruel, hurtful, and dishonest (and is not an incident that is likely recalled fondly by either party). So there are few new posts on that front due to me not wanting to see stuff. I also think that many of the people who were posting old skool ER stuff three years ago don’t pay attention anymore since after all, it was a story that had already ended long ago.

My passion for it when I want to escape into something fictional hasn’t changed much. It was sparked in adolescence and my fondness for it remains so strong likely because of that. So I will return to it eventually, but perhaps not every day.

He’s everything to me, he’s my life. I feel complete when I’m with him, and I feel empty when we’re apart.

That was Cindy. Chicago called them. The heart worked. It went to a 36 year old woman with a daughter, and the kidney too. It went to some doctor.

fave modern family moments ↣ “That’s messed up” (1x04)